If you follow basketball throughout the years, you already know Kobe is not one of the more friendly guys around the NBA. He can come off as very cold, especially to his own teammates. As his career winds down, a documentary is being made on Kobe and as part of that doc, opponents and teammates are being asked to describe Kobe in just a few words. Steve Nash obviously had no chill when it came to this and spoke his mind freely. Hit the jump.


During filming, Chopra interviewed a number of Bryant’s teammates, current and former, and he asked them to describe Bryant in three words. After each interview Kobe would text Chopra, eager to hear what people said. Most answered with some variation of “the ultimate competitor” or “killer instinct.” But when Chopra asked Steve Nash, he said something different. After thinking for a moment, Nash answered, slowly, in three beats: “Mother F**king A*****e”

Kobe thought this was awesome

The fact that Kobe thought it was awesome is even better. At least Kobe know who he is.