IFWT_Kobe Wade 2

I told you the Kobe Bryant stories aren’t stopping, so here’s another.  This is about the night Dwyane Wade broke Kobe’s nose during the All-Star game.  Many people thought it was a dirty play on Wade’s behalf but what did Kobe think?  Check it out.

Shay Marie

via Bleacher Report:

Bryant has broken his nose and will be diagnosed with a concussion from a blow to the face delivered by Dwyane Wade in the 2012 All-Star Game. (Bryant makes both those free throws, too, by the way.)

He finishes the game, a three-point Western Conference victory, and breaks Michael Jordan’s career All-Star scoring record. Bryant feels bad enough, though, that he skips the postgame media session.

Before leaving Orlando’s Amway Center, getting more treatment and taking a long flight home, Bryant has one stop to make: seeing Wade, who had hit Bryant from behind upon being blown by on a third-quarter spin move. The moment is recounted in the book Relentless by Tim Grover, trainer to both Bryant and Wade:

“Kobe wanted to see him face-to-face before he’d go to the hospital. It wasn’t about vengeance or retaliation or settling the score. It was about the law and order of the jungle, two animals instinctively facing off, the lion king getting up on that rock so the rest of the jungle could see who was in charge. One direct, silent look that says, ‘I still own this, motherf—-r.'”