Usher Checks Out Kim Kardashian At 2014 VMAs
This years VMAs was definitely one for the books as it was filled with many events, some nostalgic and some cringe-worthy. From paying tribute in denim to wardrobe malfunctions, nothing was missed at the VMAs… well so we thought. On the red carpet Mr. U Got It Bad was caught acting like a naughty boy on the red carpet…..
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Nqobi C

Kim Kardashian looked fabulous on the red carpet this year at the VMAs. Stunning in a Balmain dress with a deep plunging neckline!

While strutting it for the camera’s Kim had one famous somebody checking out her infamous derriere. USHER

While posing the cameras as well, the Singer decieded to take a look back and was caught liking what he saw- Kim’s booty!

You naughty boy! You know she is taken correct? You don’t have to call her now…There will be No love in this club tonight (Okay, I’m done)

Check out the gallery to see the picture of Usher admiring one of the world’s wonders!