Justin Bieber Gets Into Accident In West Hollywood
Life just keeps throwing obstacles, upon obstacles, upon OBSTACLES at this kid! If being suspected of robbery wasn’t enough. Earlier this afternoon, Justin Bieber got into an accident in West hollywood!
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Nqobi C

According to reports, Justin Bieber was driving around West Hollywood in his red Ferrari when he realized he was being followed by a paparazzi in a Prius.

Annoyed, the singer slammed his breaks which caused the paparazzi to slam into him from behind!

Um. . . . . …………………..

Bieber is unharmed but apparently very pissed off. The singer took to his twitter, minutes after the accident, to tweet about it stating,

“We should have learned from the death of Princess Diana”

again -………………..

But in an attempt to clarify he said,

“…I don’t have a problem with Paparazzi but when they act recklessly they put us all in danger.”

No information about the Prius but the Ferrari only has a couple of scratches.

Check out the gallery to see the tweets and pictures from the scene of the accident