For years, we’ve heard the comparisons to Kobe and MJ, with many fans believing that the Black Mamba mimics his entire game after Jordan. However, Kobe recently stated that he admires how this NBA Champion was able to achieve longevity. Hit the jump for details.

Tavia HartleyIFWT

Via Complex Sports:

Specifically, SI points out that Kobe has spent time studying the way Paul Pierce has played in recent years. He wants to learn to be more efficient and believes that Pierce has mastered the art of efficiency on the basketball court.

“I’m going to max [my last two years] out, too, to do whatever I can,” he said. “Leave no stone unturned, no water left in the sponge”.

Given the intense rivalry between the Lakers and the Celtics between 2008-2010, it was definitely interesting to hear Bryant give Paul such strong props.

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