Joe Budden’s current Twitter avi

After a domestic dispute with his now ex-girlfriend Audely Robles last weekend, Joe Budden has turned himself into police custody on a robbery charge. The New Jersey rapper was accused of stealing the 25-year-old bartender’s cell phone, which in a tweet last night, he revealed was a phone he bought with a plan he paid for. That certainly does add some clarification as to how one would feel justified in taking it, especially since the incident reportedly occurred because he saw photos of Audely hugged up on another man, but I’m not sure if that will clear him of the official robbery change. I’d have to know a little more about the laws of those things, but Joey seems confident that “justice will be served.”

In a series of tweets last night, Joe joked about turning himself in, calling it simply a “minor setback to my bday orgy.” His 34th birthday is this Sunday, but it looks like he just may be a free man by then. Around 8 a.m. this morning, Joe began tweeting from the jail as he prepared to turn himself in, making jokes about the fact that they have wifi and things of that nature. After 2 hours, the jokester still had his cellphone, and promised that he’d be out in time for the strip club tonight. Either he’s overly optimistic or has gotten some new info, but I guess we’ll see soon! Check out Joey’s tweets in the gallery.

Marisa Mendez