CeeLo Green

In 2012 singer CeeLo Green was accused of slipping his date ecstasy and faced felony charges for furnishing ecstasy. The woman who accused him, same woman he had been dating for months, claimed that at one minute they were at a bar in Downtown L.A. and the next she was waking up naked in his bed. See more below!

Green has plead no contest to sharing ecstasy meaning that the singer and his date shared voluntarily rather than him “slipping” her the pill. This plea maintains his innocence and that both parties were aware of the drug use.

Nonetheless he is on probation for three years, has to complete 360 hours of community service at the Music Cares Foundation of the Recording Academy, and attend 52 AA meetings with a private therapist. Beats going to jail!

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Zevenia Shari

Source: TMZ.com