Luke James has been on the road wit Queen Bey, starred in the movie Black Nativity and come September 23, he’ll be releasing his self-titled debut, Luke James. The, “Strawberry Vapors” vocalist has now released the cover art for the original as well as the deluxe version and the tracklisting.

Check it out down bottom.

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Luke James Tracklisting:

1. “Love XYZ”
2. “Dancing in the Dark”
3. “Don’t Do It” (Interlude)
4. “Trouble”
5. “The Run”
6. “Glass House”
7. “Exit Wounds”
8. “TimeX” (Interlude)
9. “Options” feat. Rick Ross
10. “Insane / Bombin’ Out” (Interlude)
11. “I Want You”
12. “Exposé”

Deluxe Edition

13. “Make Love to Me”
14. “Options” (WolfJames Version)
15. “Stay With Me”

Check out the gallery for the cover art!