This story is still developing but early reports indicate that soccer star and international icon, David Beckham was involved in a motorcycle crash this morning. Those same reports say Beckham is ok and walked away from the crash, but the more disturbing part could be why he wound up crashing. People close to David say paparazzi caused him to swerve out of control and go off the road! We need to get laws in place when it comes to media and paparazzi because this could of been much worse! Hit the jump.


Beckham was leaving the famous Shamrock Tattoo in West Hollywood Thursday when he lost control of his motorcycle — a custom-built Super Vintage 93″ Knuckle — and tumbled off in the middle of the street.

We’re told Beckham recruited a few friends from the tattoo parlor to help him roll it back to the store.

Sources close to Beckham tell TMZ the accident happened when he swerved to avoid the paparazzi.

I mean not for nothing, but by this point in his career, I am surprised the Paps still go crazy for Beckham. I guess it is because of his allure outside of the U.S. as well but these close calls with paps and people driving are way out of hand.

Thankfully he is ok. Now I wish if these reports are true he can find a way to sue whoever caused him to swerve and lose control so a message can be sent to these people.