Stevie J and Joseline

Stevie J is fighting off allegations that Joseline was cracked out on Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta. TMZ gets an earful from Stevie J on how he plans to counter sue Althea Eaton on her claims about Joseline being cracked out. Yikes! This is reunion is getting pretty messy, and there’s still two more parts left.

Stevie tells TMZ that the suit is dumb, since Althea and fiance Benzino started the whole brawl. He says Althea’s lawsuit is a distraction to conceal the fact Benzino slugged Joseline during the fight.

Stevie is trying to get Joseline Hernandez a lawyer quick! He says, “no grown man should hit a woman.” Straight like that!

TMZ got in touch with Benzino who said, “It’s clear that him and his whore jumped off the couch and attacked us and whatever happened from there was merely self-defense.”

Check the fight below!

Candice Nicole

Source TMZ