Ne-Yo is planning to release his new album Non Fiction, In November. Before that happens, the hit producer/singer discussed what he thinks about R&B music today!
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“R&B environment right now, it’s very diverse… There’s your traditional Hip Hop, traditional R&B and then there’s the mixture of the two. A lot of young cats coming up right now. I feel good about the genre right now. I feel like positive moves are being made”. Ne-Yo explained in his recent exclusive interview with HipHopDX.

In 2013, Ne-Yo didn’t feel this way at all. He didn’t wasn’t as confident as he is now. “Y’all remember slow jams? I wnt R&B to make a comeback in 2013 and I’m gonna try and have something to do with that”. Sounds like somebody heard him because R&B artists have stepped it all the way up and so had Ne-Yo. It’s about to be a TAKEOVER!