Only a month after revealing that classic superhero, Thor, would be replaced by a female worthy to wield the hammer Marvel is now in deep water with media and fans over a sexualized cover of superheroine, Spider-Woman. Also, how will Marvel pull off an all villain cast in Sinister Six production? See more below!

The cover art done by Milo Manara, an Italian artist known best for his pornographic comics, depicts this version of Spider-Woman in an erotic pose with a suit that looks more like body paint than actual fabric. Here’s the real issue! Marvel’s movie division has been in deep sh*t with its female audience for quite some time for the lack of gender diversity and sexism.

To combat those accusations Marvel started an ongoing Women of Marvel podcast series and has nine women led roles (including this Spider-Woman) set to release on their publishing end. Hopefully in their attempt to incorporate more women-based roles Marvel will be able to make amends with their female audience.

Let’s not forget. . .

While Marvel wallows in their Spider-Woman mess Sony seeks production of, all villain cast, Sinister Six. If you saw the Amazing Spider-Man 2 that was enough of a prelude to the film. Marvel is tasked with bringing villains such as Doc Ock, Kraven the Hunter, Sandman, Green Goblin and more to life in a venture to kill Spidey.

The real question– will making these characters the center of the film add to their villainous character or convince the audience to fall in love with a tragic hero?
Best of Luck !

Check the gallery for the sexiest Spider-Woman out!

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Source: Hollywoodreporter.com | Moviepilot.com