A New Jersey woman died earlier this week from catching up on a few hours of sleep in between jobs. Maria Fernandes was found dead Monday morning wearing a Dunkin’ Donuts uniform. Apparently, she was working at four different locations and carried gas in her car for her only time to sleep, napping in-between jobs. Police reported that Fernandes died of toxic fumes from a split can of gas in her backseat. This sad death sheds light on the reality of low-wage and part-time work increasing in the economy.


There have many incidents recently showing the extent low-wage mothers have to go to, because many simply cant afford child-care. In March a Arizona woman was charged with a felony for leaving her child in the car while she went on an interview. The amount of Low-wage and part-time work has boomed since the recession while middle-wage jobs are hard to find. Meanwhile the cost of living , health-care, education, child-care, has gone up. Woman have been hit the hardest making up almost two-thirds of low-wage workers. Because of unreliable schedules and low-wage many are forced to work more than one job. Fernandes worked up to 40 hours at one Dunkin’ Donuts and 10 at another. A Dunkin’ Donuts spokesperson released this statement, “We are deeply saddened to learn of the tragic death of Maria Fernandes. We send our deepest sympathies to her family and friends.”