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Since the hacking/leaking of multiple celebrity private photos, the web has been asking ‘how safe are we?’, well this is right up my alley, I’m here to walk you through a couple of things. All depending on what device you have, iPhone(iOS) or sometype of Android(Samsung, Motorola, LG, HTC, etc etc), there are steps to take.

Tat Wza


is easiest, I know the a lot of the controversary is surrounded by rumor of iCloud, well 1st there is no confirmation of that, and even if this is true, it was more of a one time thing, Apple has already created a patch to solve the major issue. Apple is one of the most, if not THE securist platforms for mobile, BUT there are some steps you can still take! Mostly it’s dealing with Photo Stream in iCloud, and how your photos and videos go there without your knowledge, which is true IF you don’t adjust it in your settings. 1st you go to you settings, go to iCloud, scroll down to ‘Photo Stream’, enter it, click ‘Off’, and yes delete all photos, it will only delete the pics in the photo stream, and the camera roll will be fine and ONLY on the device. Also make sure you update your iOS if you got it from recieved it.


Android is not that simple, because it’s open source, and people that have malicious intentions whom are able to code, there are Many ways it can be attacked. A lot of the ways consist of an App that seems like something you want/need may have malware in it, now Google Play has gotten better at weeding these apps out, but yet there are still some that are nervous, so I suggest 2 things when it comes to apps, NEVER get 3rd party apps(Apps that are not in Google Play), and 2nd download an Antivirus app, I suggest “AVG Antivirus”, and scan your phone ASAP!

Also with Android, since part of the functionality is connected to your gmail account, go ahaed and go on line and sign into your Gmail, click in the upper right hand corner on ‘Account’, then click security and start the ‘2-step’ process. This will make anything that happens with your gmail send a text with a code to confirm, and it’s much more difficult to break in this way!!

Ok these things will leave you in a much better space with you mobilverse!!