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A lot of fans assumed that LeBron James didn’t make it to Dwyane Wade’s wedding because no pictures surfaced have of LeBron & his wife Savannah at the big event.  Since LeBron left Miami, there seemed to be some kind of friction between the former BFFs.  So did Bron make it to Wade’s and Gabrielle Union’s big day?!  ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith attended the wedding and he confirmed whether LeBron was there (see tweets in gallery).  We also got a couple other details of how the night went down.
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More Via MiamiNewTimes:

According to Gossip Extra, the couple spent about $5 million on the entire affair. To maintain secrecy during the planning phase, documents referred to the wedding as Sheik Noinu Edaw. Yes, that’s Wade Union spelled backwards.

Yes, LeBron James reportedly attended. Chris Bosh, Ray Allen, Shane Battier, Carmello Anthony, and comedian Kevin Hart were also on hand.

John Legend was also there to serenade the couple.

Essence Atkins, a Union pal and actress best known for starring in the shows Half & Halfand Smart Guy, officiated the wedding.