Daylight shooting in New Orleans
Looks like a few days ago in Central City in New Orleans 2 guys got into a scuffle, and 2 other guys with one of the guys in the scuffle decided to break up the fight with gun shots, while the 2 were scuffling.

Tat Wza

A Report Says:

Officers with the New Orleans Police Department were called to the scene, where they found 23-year-old Michael Sanders with a gunshot wound to the leg and a head injuries.

Sanders told officers that he was walking in the area when he was approached by 29-year-old Ronald Davis and an individual nicknamed “Scully.” Sanders and Davis became involved in an altercation, which escalated when the man known as Scully fired several rounds at him.

“The unknown suspect then fled the scene,” according to the NOPD. “Davis fled towards nearby Tulane Avenue with Sanders following him, firing multiple shots, one striking him in the leg.”

Paramedics transported Sanders and Davis to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Ironically, the victim (Sanders) was also arrested on charges of illegally carrying of a firearm and possession of stolen property for a firearm that was stolen and found in his possession.

Davis was booked into the jail for aggravated battery by shooting, according to the NOPD. The person identified as ‘Scully’ remains at large.