_Fashion Police

Joan Rivers was one of the main forces behind the show ‘Fashion Police’. Since her passing,”E!”, which is the channel the show airs on, is now facing a hard decision on if they should continue the show. Read more on the story after the jump!


On the show ‘Fashion Police’, Joan Rivers was a host in which she commented on celebrity fashions. Now that Joan Rivers has suddenly passed away, E! is trying to figure out the next steps for the show. E! officials stated, “right now we are mourning our beloved Joan…we will respond at a later date with programming updates.” Sources stated that E! officials began discussing what may happen to the show since Rivers was hospitalized last week.

An E! executive said, “They would be nuts to go on without Joan, but a lot of it is going to come down to what Melissa (Rivers) wants — she’s an executive producer and stars on the show.” Because of the wit and humor of Joan Rivers, it will be hard to cast someone else in her place.