I would not want to be in the shoes of the president right now. Barack Obama is getting major backlash for signing a bill that means over the next ten years, $8.7 BILLION will be cut from food stamp programs around the U.S.

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800,000 families will lose about $90 a month in food stamp benefits. President Obama came to a compromise with the Republican party. If it were up to them, they would reduce the benefits to $25 billion, making eight a considerable favor.

In addition to these cuts, Obama had to place immigration issues on the back burner. With more than 400,000 cases on backlog the President announced that he has tried to use his position to make a better way for changes in immigration policies. This move, however will give the Republican party the upper hand. They would, “concentrate their attacks as an effort to paint Obama as an imperial president who overreaches his authority,” says Rolling Out.

At this point, the lower class communities as well as immigrants are not too happy with Obama.

SOURCE: Rolling Out