Awwwwww Man, It’s here, the time I’ve, We’ve been waiting for…waiting for quite some time, the Apple official announcement of the iPhone 6, and possibly more!

Tat Wza

When I say more, there’s a possibility of the iWatch, a 2nd iPhone coming later, and let’s not forget iOS 8 becoming publicly available!! Ok Although I will update major info in this post, you can go to Apple’s Stream of the event right HERE, AND My prediction of the availability of the iPhone 6 is Friday September 19th!

Tim is on the stage talking about selling more than 1 iPhone at a time.


A8 Chip

Larger Display, Thinner


M8 CoProcessor

Advanced WiFi 150mps



True Tone 8MP iSight

Advanced Face Detection

All new 128gb config at $399 for a 6

Apple Pay:
NFC, seemingly better than Google Wallet

iOS 8 Will be available Sept 17th, iPhone will be be available Sept 19th; Starting at $199 for a 16gb iPhone 6, $299 for a 64gb, and $399 for a 128gb
iphone 6 Plus starts at $299 16gb, $399 64gb, $499 128gb

One More Thing:(Yes Tim Cook just said that!!)

Apple Watch;
Controlled by the wheel on the side;
This Watch is incredible, let’s you see the the alignment of planets based on the time of day, Quick reply analysis text in a message to give you an easy and fast AND accurate reply!

Controls your iTunes on iPhone or Mac
Siri built in!
Photos app, see all your photos at once
Maps on the watch! Guides you as you move by taps on your wrist.
Digital Touch is a new way to communicate on the Apple Watch, you keep a friend list, call, message, OR draw to communicate!

I see a camera app, but they haven’t mentioned taking pics, and I don’t see a camera-_-

Retweet/Favorite from your wrist!

Check into Airports and Hotels, even unlock your room door with the watch.

BMW will keep the location of where you parked..

Super on health an fitness