The days of being dressed head-to-toe Rocawear is back as Fabolous helps the launch of the new Rocawear BLAK line.

Jade Raven

It’s where Brooklyn and Los Angeles meet.

“BLAK is mixture of LA and BK,” Fabolous explained to MTV News. “Those two places are the melting pot for culture and diverse ethnicities, and [BLAK] is trying to take Rocawear from being looked at as just urban street wear, to show evolution and growth, into being an all around line.”

The Brooklyn rapper is the perfect fit for the campaign as he also tries to show his evolution and growth in his music.

“One of the things I’m trying to execute in my music is [to show] my evolution, more growth, different styles, different flows, and that’s the same thing Rocawear is doing.”

The Rocawear BLAK collection will hit stores just in time for the holiday season.

Check the interview, and the evolution of Rocawear featuring Fabolous below.

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