This is one celebrity sex tape I sure would watch! Seriously, have you seen Iggy Azalea’s a**?! Any who, I’m not the only one. Vivid Entertainment co-founder, Steven Hirsch is looking to drop some major doe in Iggy’s wallet if she allows his company to release a sex tape that she allegedly appears in…will she do it?

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According to TMZ, Hirsch watched a hot and steamy sex vid with a blonde bombshell (apparently) that uncannily looks like Iggy, and is sure that the vid can be a multi-million dollar ROI – like, more the Kim K. & Ray J. Unfortunately, Iggy and her camp are claiming that the deal can’t go through because well, it’s not her – that’s what R. Kelly said.

If I get my hands on that video, I’ll let you all know if it’s the Iggs or not.