Sisters fight all the time — trust me, I know — completely normal.  So I’m sure this isn’t a big deal at all, but fans are talking about it — so we’re here to share.  Apparently there’s some sort of tiff happening between sisters Serena & Venus Williams.
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Via PageSix:

The tennis champs have not been seen together off the court in recent weeks, and many wonder if Serena’slate nights out and disappointing doubles performances have annoyed the more low-key Venus.

An insider was heard during the US Open claiming, “They’re not in a good place right now. Venus is angry with Serena,” because of her active social life off the court.

Some noticed Venus and Serena didn’t arrive together or even speak to each other at the Taste of Tennis kickoff event for the US Open a few weeks ago.  “There was no acknowledgment that either one was even there,” said one.

Nor have they been visible on one another’s Instagram feeds.  The last picture of Venus on Serena’s feed was three months ago; Serena appeared on Venus’ feed two months ago. On Tuesday, there was no sign of Venus at Serena’s presentation of her HSN clothing line at the Style360 lounge during Fashion Week.

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