Madonna Money

Madonna is well Madonna, she is totally an icon so anything the Queen of Pop wants she gets. Dascha Polanco is currently quite popular for Netflix’s ‘Orange is the New Black’ show, but between her and Madonna who is the bigger Diva? At a NYFW party Jeremy Scott threw at Space Ibiza in New York City these two Divas battled it out. Find out who won…

Laura Rodriguez

Madonna started the Diva-ness first when she asked that a spotlight beaming down on her be shut off. Well that doesn’t seem to hard, except that Managers couldn’t turn it off individually. Instead club owner Carlo Seneca stood on the banquette, unscrewed the bulb and presented it to Madonna as a gift from the opening!! Wow her own light bulb, Go Madonna!

The Party was so packed with guest that poor Jeremy Scott had a hard time finding a table. According to page “Dascha’s group was asked to make way. Dascha refused to leave the table even though it was Jeremy’s party. She took a big attitude. Finally, after club owners offered them two bottles of Veuve Clicquot rosé Champagne and a bottle of Jack Daniel’s Honey, they agreed to make room for Scott.”

So you decide who is the bigger Diva here?
I think Madonna wins hands down.