SZA and Kendrick

In her recent interview with Complex, TDE singer SZA was asked if she could update us on Kendrick Lamar’s upcoming album. SZA joked about not being able to divulge much information on the project, but she described the album as “amazing,” “beautiful,” and “vivid as f*$%.”


She also reveals that Kendrick’s storytelling on the currently untitled album is “on a grander scale” versus past projects from the Compton rapper.

SZA says, “It really is amazing. It’s incredible. It’s next level. It’s next level for sure. He was storytelling before, but now it’s like on a grander scale. It’s vivid as fuck. It’s beautiful. It’s so dope.”

Her own solo album, titled A, is set for release soon. SZA also discussed fellow singer Willow Smith, who she referred to as a little sister, and her being a “genius.”

“I love her,” SZA said. “She’s literally one of my favorite people. She’s like a little sister to me. The things that she’s cultivating at that age is very—It’s beautiful. She’s a genius.”

TDE albums on the way!

Candice Nicole

Source HipHopDX