We will know in just a short amount of time who will be walking Floyd Mayweather to the ring (I’m sure Justin Bieber will be involved) but in the meantime we’ve learned that Bieber brought his girl with him to the big fight … and shockingly she’s never met Floyd.
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Via TMZ:

Looks like Justin Bieber is done living the bachelor life … he actually brought his girlfriend Selena Gomez to Las Vegas for the Floyd Mayweather fight — and she’s gonna meet his boxing BFF.

Sources close to Bieber tell us the couple hit up the Hard Rock pool party Saturday and Justin posted a photo of what looks like the Gomes on Shots. Selena was spotted with friends in another photo as well.

We’re told Selena and Floyd have surprisingly never met — Biebs usually rolls to Vegas with his boys — but he plans to introduce the two after the fight.