Amy Winehouse

In honor of what would have been the late, great British sensation Amy Winehouse’s 31st Birthday, a tribute statue of the beautiful singer has been unveiled in her hometown of Camden Square!

Adriela Batista

It has been 3 years since the passing of the soulful and incredibly talented Amy Winehouse, and those in Camden Square have not forgotten. As September 14th, marks the official birthday of the singer, many including her parents have gathered to Camden Square to view the life size statue, including a vibrant red signitur flower in bun, red heels and killer pose to match! Amy Winehouse moved to Camden Square as a teen, in hopes to followed her singing career, and even after gaining much success she chose to stay in the town that inspired her.

Check out the photos of Amy Winheouse’s fans, parents and more pay tribute during the statue revealing, in the gallery above.