Kendall Jenner

Yikes! If my sister said I couldn’t attend her fashion shows, I would feel some type of way…

Luckily, I have no sister and no fashion shows to attend.

In other news, Kendall Jenner, 18, is trying to separate herself from the Kardashian name as much as possible. So the first thing on the list of “Ways to Separate Yourself from being a Kardashian-Jenner” is… #1 Make sure you Kim is NOT invited to your events.

Of course, Kendall loves Kim [and vice versa], but the young star needs some space when it comes to her personal work. Family and work don’t mix… Typically!

Kendall knows Kim is supportive of her 100%, but Kendall just doesn’t want Kim sitting front row as she struts down the runway.

I mean, what do you expect? The girl wants us to refer to her as only Kendall [no more Jenner], so you know it’s real.

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