Lindsay Lohan
As quickly as the rumour and quote spread was as quick as the Coroner shut them down! According to reports, the claim Lindsay Lohan made about having to “roll a body bag for Whitney Houston” was a lie!
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Nqobi C

An official from the Coroner’s office straighten out facts when he hard about Lindsay saying she handled the late singer’s body. According to the official, Whitney was never in a body bag to begin with! And that no one in the program had contact with the body at all.

Lindsay claimed in an interview that she had to deal with the body during her program that ordered her to spend time at a morgue to teach her a lesson about drinking and driving.

The official stated that Whitney was wrapped in plastic with a sheet over her the whole time and that her body was in the morgue for less than two days, giving no time for people to be around it.

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