The Basketball Wives star posted her thoughts on the Ray Rice incident last week, and over the weekend a fan commended Lozada from walking away from Johnson after their fight. Lozada’s reaction to the comment was surprising. Hit the jump for details.

Via MStarz:

September 12, Evelyn tweeted, “I feel part of what happened was my karma for acting a fool! Thank God for life lessons & being able to grow.”

A fan, @brittejoy tweeted back to the celebrity that she shouldn’t blame herself for the former NFL’s star’s abusive behavior , “no karma just bad decision on his part. But if you changed becuz of it, a blessing. We’re watching u evolve & we’re proud.”

Evelyn tweeted back, “Thank u! God made me sit my butt down & I did. Took my time working on me. I have no regrets! I’m thankful for the lessons.”

Last week, Evelyn sounded off on Ray Rice’s and wife, Janay Palmer’s abuse video after TMZ released the raw footage of the Baltimore Ravens running back punching her in the face, knocking her out cold.

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