Liz Krueger To Introduce Bill To Legalize Recreational Use Of Marijuana
LET THERE BE GREEN FOR EVERYONE! New York Senator Liz Krueger is taking one great leap for all the stoners out there. It was announced Sunday that Senator Liz Krueger is going to introduce a bill that is supposed to legalize recreational use of Marijuana in the State of New York.
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Liz Krueger is a democrats that has been representing Manhattan for the past decade. Krueger said at a campaign rally for Attorney General Eric Schneiderman that,

“I will push for taxation and regulation of marijuana, I continue to work with experts around the country and to evaluate laws and regulations being put into place now.”

She introduced the bill last year but was unlikely to pass in a Republican ruled state that hadn’t even legalized Medical Marijuana. However in June, New York state legalized Medical Marijuana, however only in some cases.

Looking back at her last attempt Krueger said,

“I knew we needed to move medical marijuana into law before people would focus on the bigger question – tax and regulation,” she said. “So I think my legislative proposal fits in very nicely with what the state has already committed to move forward with.”

The bill is aimed to be passed in 2015.

What do YOU think? Second time around is the charm?

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