since the Unveiling of the Nike Lebron 12 the sneaker community & every Lebron fan out there has been asking the burning question will Lebron be rocking his Lebron 12 this season? Lebron has stated that he will be rocking the Lebron 12. Lebron said he has been working out in the Lebron 12 for the past four weeks and it has given him beautiful results. Lebron also stated that the reason he did not wear his 11th model was because it did not perform for him at a high level so with that being said him & Nike went back to the lab and started working on the 12 right away so this issue doesn’t happen again ever again. Peep Lebrons statement on the 12 After The Jump…

Statement via Lebron James: “We went to the lab a lot. It hurt both of us. But (the shoe) wasn’t performing the way we wanted it to perform at a high level the way Nike and myself are capable of performing.”
James said he put more time into this year’s model and has been working on it “full throttle” for the last three or four weeks. He also tested it during last year’s playoff run.
“We wanted to get on this right away so we wouldn’t have the same problems,” James said.
“It’s given me great response.”

Written BY: Sayitwityakickz