Ferguson officer, Darren Wilson has yet to be charged with the brutal death of Michael Brown. According to StLToday, a selected grand jury has until January to make the decision for charge or not.

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Wilson testified on Tuesday [Sept. 16] in front of a grand jury for the fourth time. Although the testimony remains private it seems that the state law provides for a term of up to six months, which moves the date to November.

“On Wednesday, Circuit Judge Carolyn Whittington issued an order adding 60 days more. “She extended it to the full amount allowed by law,” Court Administrator Paul Fox said Monday. But he added that the grand jury will keep meeting until Jan. 7 only if it needs to.”

The residents of Ferguson continue to ask for answers. Demonstators have taken it as far as interrupting city council meetings.

Demonstators want the county prosecutor removed from investigation of the shooting.”It’s no more business as usual,” said activist Anthony Shahid, AP reports. Shahid wore a noose around his neck to the protest.

Let’s hope this legal battle serves some kind of justice for the system.

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