Iconic singer Cher is under fire after allegedly making a very inconsiderate comment. Her choreographer Kevin Wilson (who is black) is claiming that while auditioning new back-up dancers for her “Dressed to Kill Tour,” Cher said there’s “too much color” on stage after he said he had his eyes on one specific African-American female dancer. Cher then apparently instructed Kevin to find a “white dancer with blonde hair and blue eyes” and to “not to cast anymore dark skinned black dancers on the tour.”


Cher is calling BS on the whole thing, but she’ll have to fight it out in court. Her lawyer did make a statement in which he said, “These are ridiculous allegations. They couldn’t be further from the truth.” He also dubbed the alleged comments as “untrue and categorically denied,” also adding in that, “To attribute such a statement to Cher is absurd.” Do you think Cher would say such a thing? Drop your two cents below.

Source: TMZ