Cash Money co- founder Mannie Fresh, has taken to his latest interview with Complex, to discuss the rise of Cash Money Records. Fresh described the transition the label made from ‘Bounce’ Music to rap, while developing artists such as Juvenile, Lil Wayne and B.G.

Adriela Batista

Mannie Fresh detailed the rise of the Cash Money Records and stated that ‘Back Dat A** Up’ was definitely an ice breaker into catching the attention of the pop world:

“I figured, how do we get everything?” he said. “If we put 808 drums under this with the bounce, we got the hood. We got to get white America too, how do we do that? I was like, ‘If we put some classical music on there, not only are you going to get young kids [but white America too].’ I remember Sharon Stone commenting about ‘Back Dat Azz Up’ like, ‘That’s my favorite song,’ and I’m like, ‘You got Sharon Stone backing that ass up? You arrived.’

“I definitely smiled when I was making that record. I was like, ‘This right here, this the one.’ It’s one of them songs that will go on for forever. If I went up against a whole gang of tough ass DJs, I would open my set up with ‘Back Dat Azz Up,’ like, ‘It’s over. Who want with me?’ Every producer dreams of a ‘Back Dat Azz Up.’ Not to discredit ‘Ha,’ but ‘Ha’ does not have that feel to it. I’m pretty sure I can’t play ‘Ha’ at a Bar Mitzvah and kids know it. They’ll be like, ‘I don’t know that, but I know ‘Back Dat Azz Up!’”