_Ruby Dee

Alicia Keys and many more celebrities including President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, joined together to celebrate the life of the legendary actress Ruby Dee. The tribute took place at Riverside Church in Harlem. Read more on the story and check out photos from the tribute below!


Ruby Dee passed away at 91 years old in June. Many stars came out to pay tribute to Ruby who was a well respected civil rights activist and actress. The celebrities performed songs and poems in memory of her. Alicia Keys sang “Superwoman,” and she said the song was somewhat inspired by the actress. Before performing Alicia said, “Ever magnificent is she…she has touched me in such a deep, deep way as a young woman.” A letter from the Obama’s was read and It said, “The gifts she shared will forever be dear to us…she helped throw open the doors of opportunity.”

Check out photos from the tribute at Riverside Church in Harlem in the gallery!