Last week we learned that Floyd Mayweather could be in some trouble over footage that was shown in “All Access: Maidana vs. Mayweather 2.”  The Nevada State Athletic Commission ordered Floyd to appear before a 5-person panel today and he had to answer questions about unsafe training conditions and pot use.
So what defense did he use?!  He said that Showtime’s “All Access” reality series is staged as a way to sell more pay-per-views.  This should come as a shock to NO ONE.  It’s a bit disappointing, but should NOT surprise anyone.  A reality show that’s fake?!  Yes people, c’mon — you gotta know that.
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Mayweather claimed, however, that both were staged for the television show.  “With ‘All Access,’ we’re able to edit and chop footage the way we want,” he said.

…”We monitor every training session at Mayweather Boxing Club. I don’t take breaks during 15-minute rounds, but we allow other guys,” Mayweather said. “I am there to monitor and watch every ‘dog house’ fight.”

…The commissioners also brought up the illegal gambling in the gym that was shown taking place during the “dog house” fights.  “That’s all for the reality show,” Emerick said. “It does not happen.”

…When commissioner Pat Lundvall questioned Mayweather about the marijuana scene, Mayweather said that it was fake marijuana. He said that he is against drug use and that he was “trying to think outside of the box” and “I’m trying to sell more than a fight. It’s a lifestyle.”

Near the end of the hearing, commission chairman Francisco Aguilar asked that Mayweather and Ellerbe alert the commission about fake elements of future editions of “All Access,” and they agreed.