Amber Rose x Wiz Khalifa

The world was taken by surprise when the news of Amber Rose filing for divorce from hubby Wiz Khalifa hit the ‘net. Although the divorce rate amongst industry couples is always super high, Wiz and Amb were one couple we all had so much hope for. According to Amber, she wanted to go on tour with her husband and he kept making a bunch of excuses as to why she should just “stay home with their son.” She claims his excuses were a cover-up for his dirty dog cheating ways. However, she’s apparently no angel herself. Numerous rumors are flying around about her and Nick Cannon engaging in some naughty adult activities while she was still married. However, Nick spoke with VladTV and claims their relationship is “strictly professional.”

Hmmmm, who are we siding with in this big mess?

Source: TMZ x VladTV