Tony Stewart and the NASCAR community can get a good night’s rest as the trial involving the death of Kevin Ward Jr. has officially come to a close. The Grand Jury acquitted the three-time champ of all charges, declaring him Not Guilty. Also according to his toxicology report, Ward had actually been high enough for his judgment to be impaired during the accident ! For more info on Stewart’s story and the judge’s ruling, jump on it now…

The Ontario County District Attorney’s office took the evidence in Stewart’s case to a grand jury, which found there was no basis for criminal charges, D.A. Michael Tantillo announced Wednesday.

Tantillo said toxicology reports revealed that Ward was under the influence of marijuana at a high enough level to impair judgment.

Tantillo said there were two charges submitted for consideration by the grand jury against Stewart: manslaughter in the second degree and criminally negligent homicide. He said neither received the necessary 12 votes from the grand jury to charge Stewart. The grand jury heard the evidence and testimony from two dozen witness (including drivers, track employees, medical personnel and two accident experts) “over the better part of two days” and deliberated for less than an hour before reaching the decision, Tantillo said.


via USA Today