Anytime Floyd Mayweather fights you see those huge fight purses he is guaranteed, even is he loses. Sometimes it’s around $32 million, sometimes higher, sometimes slighter lower. All those numbers would have you thinking that nobody else in boxing could even come close to making that money. In fact Floyd was named as the highest earning athlete in the country for this past year, bringing in over $80 million. But a prominent name in boxing thinks Manny Pacquiao actually winds up bring more money home than Floyd after taxes and other payouts.


Bob Arum, who some may call sleazy, but is still the most prominent name in the world of boxing promoters says Manny brings home much more money than Floyd.

“You can’t believe a word they say, referring to Floyd’s camp. He has a guarantee of $32 million with Showtime and they agreed to raise it to $40 million when he fought Canelo. But then his guarantee is back down to $32 million for the Maidana fight”

“It’s still alot of money, but remember in the United States he still has to pay federal tax at 39.6%. Manny makes more than that by fighting outside the U.S. at least once a year. Manny’s net income after tax is more than Floyd’s”

People may not like Arum but he does bring up a valid point with the taxes. So is it possible that Pacquiao is the real money team? I still believe Floyd comes out on top, especially when you factor in all his years of high payouts, not just recent ones.