_Rapper Darryl McDaniels Debuts New Comic Book

Darryl McDaniels, Run-DMC rapper, launches his new comic book line. Check out the photos and read more on the story after the jump!


His comic book company, Darryl Makes Comics, will debut its first novel called ‘DMC’ at New York Comic Con in October. Darryl McDaniels is himself as a superhero in the comic.

McDaniels says, “I was a shy kid, so when DJ Run (aka Joseph Simmons, who along with the late Jam Master Jay formed the pioneering hip-hop group) was first putting me on these records, I went back to my comic books for confidence…Before I even picked up a microphone…my whole existence was comic books.” The “DMC” graphic novel will hit comic stores on Oct. 29th!

Check out the photos of Darryl McDaniels and his comic book in the gallery!