Rosenberg x Amber Rose

Earlier today on Ebro In The Morning, Hot 97 personality Peter Rosenberg revealed what REALLY went down between Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa. Some may not know, but Peter and Amber are very, very tight, and she apparently gave him the green light to clear the air on all the rumors that were surrounding the highly-publicized split.

Marisa Mendez

Reports that Amber walked in on Wiz with another woman are kind of true – but there’s more to the story. It wasn’t just one woman – it was TWO! They’re twins! The girls are Jas and Ness, popular L.A. socialites/designers that hang with celebs on the regular. Rosenberg also added that when Amber visited NYC a few weeks back, she revealed that she and Wiz were unhappy and really on the rocks, but that she gets it because “he’s young and not ready for all of this.” However, she had no clue he was cheating on her until that night. Listen to the whole report below. So sad!