I don’t see a problem with this — you should learn from the best right?! Roy Hibbert recently revealed that he watches a certain team’s games for inspiration & texts with one of their star players for advice.  Can you guess who it is?!
Check it out…



Via IndyStar:

…After the team’s first practice Tuesday, described as a session heavy on offensive tutorials, center Roy Hibbert explained his previous media-day revelations about the Pacers looking to the Spurs for inspiration.

“You just watch how they play and I watched them close,” Hibbert said. “I’m close to Tim (Duncan). We were texting a couple days ago. I’m asking him for advice, just the way they go about their business but yeah, I watched them closely.”

I asked Hibbert if he specifically watched the Spurs in the Finals, and he replied: “I watched all their games.”