T.I. sits down with HardKnock.tv and defends Iggy Azalea against critics judging her based on her nationality.

Jade Raven

In an interview with HardKnock.tv, T.I. says critics should focus on Azalea’s work ethic and talent, rather than judging her by her race or Australian nationality.

“It should be attributed to her work ethics, her artistic views … She has a vision for herself and this vision she will not compromise, you know, she has a certain idea of how to present herself, how to platform her art and she won’t compromise it so I think she should be kind of judged based on that rather than her creed, her nationality, what country she from… those are stereotypes,” T.I. told cameras. He followed by stating that putting people like Iggy in boxes genre like just pop or just hip hop is not beneficial to the music industry,”We trying to bring people together and you are trying to meticulously separate us.”

When the The Hustle Gang rapper was asked if he considers Iggy Azalea pop or rap, he indirectly answered that Iggy should be placed in whatever category she’s making the most noise in.

“I mean, I’d put her wherever she made the most noise,” he said. “I think that when you start trying to classify people in different categories I think that’s when you kind of—You diminish the purpose of what we do. What we do [is] we try to bring people together. And you trying to take time to meticulously separate us by pop, rap, this, that. I think she can go in a lot of different genres because she’s cross-pollinated.”

Check what T.I. has to say about Andre 3000, Outkast, and acting in the video below.