UH-OH! T-Boz and Chili really aren’t trying to get into this with Pebbles, but she is just really relentless with this lawsuit she’s filing over the TLC movie.

So, for the way CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story portrayed Pebbles [their former manager], the group has been slapped with subpeonas in the legal battle against Viacom.

Pebbles has claimed that she was defamed by the TV movie and wants Viacom to pay up to $40 million for her troubles. SMH

Pebbles explained that the film showed her as, “a conniving and dishonest business woman who hoodwinked three innocent girls and exploited their talent for her own personal gain.” Further, she said that she never controlled the group’s lawyers and always paid the members what they were due.

Is anyone really buying this? I mean TLC went to war with them over money issues for goodness sake! We all know she hoodwinked those girls – *sips tea* – that’s none of our business.

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