_Baby Prince George Has A Stalker

Prince William and Kate Middleton’s lawyers are taking legal action against a man who has been stalking their baby Prince George. The royal family have issued a warning to the man who is a a freelance paparazzi. He has been pursuing the baby during walks in the parks with his nanny in London numerous times. Read more on the story below!


Prince William and Kate Middleton believe the man has baby Prince George “under surveillance.” The royal family have been monitoring the stalker for five years. The British press have an agreement that unofficial photos of royal kids are never really printed unless they are important or newsworthy.

Kensington Palace released a statement saying, “no parent would tolerate the suspicion of someone pursuing and harassing their child and career…the Duke and Duchess understand the particular public role that Prince George will one day inherit, but while he is young, he must be permitted to lead as ordinary a life as possible.”