According to TMZ, French Montana‘s ex-wife Nadeen Kharpouch claims that the rapper is a bad father who has gone months without seeing his children. More after the jump…

Nadeen Kharpouch friends spoke with TMZ about the rapper and said French was more concerned with gallivanting around the world with famous women than spending time with his kids. Ouch! Way Harsh!

Friends of French’s ex wife say the rapper went a whopping 7 months without seeing his 4 year old son and spent approximately 4 days with his son the whole year as he was busy with other women.

Apparently, Nadeen is also upset over the rapper spending marital money on lavish gifts for his ex-girlfriend Khloe Kardashian.

It all sounds very petty to me and why are the friends talking about it in the first place. SMH.

At least his divorce is now final.


Source: TMZ