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“Talk Dirty” singer Jason Derulo needs to fix the mess he’s made. First he lied about why him and Jordin Sparks broke up and now his side chick is opening up about her relationship with him. OH GOODNESS!

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Although Jason broke up with Jordin (via a phone call) in September, his side chick from LAST FRIGGIN’ summer is feeling some type of way about their alleged courtship or whatever she thought it was.

We’d like to remind you that this occurred last summer, but we digress.

ANYWAY, here’s the real question – why did she decided that after all this time, she wanted to break out with this news now?!

Guess it doesn’t matter, because a picture is worth a thousand words. In the photos in the gallery, Carmen was seen holding Jason’s arm and walking into an IHOP on Sunday morning, July 7th 2013, at 3am in Hollywood.

SMH, no good can be happening at 3am… And no courting happens at 3am BUT *sips tea* that’s none of my business.

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