LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, & The Miami Heat celebrate NBA Championship at STORY Night Club

While most of the world was waiting for LeBron James free agency decision, his teammate Chris Bosh was waiting as well.  Bosh made it clear that he wanted to continue playing with James on the Miami Heat and LeBron’s decision would weigh heavily on what he decided to do.  Well LeBron ditched the Heat and decided to return home to the Cleveland Cavaliers leaving Bosh high and dry (if you call an over $100 million contract high and dry) and Bosh appears to still be taking it personal.

Shay Marie

The Heat and Cavs will face off in a preseason game this Saturday.  While LeBron didn’t think it was much of a big deal facing his old teammates, Bosh answered rather coldly.

via ESPN.com:

Asked by reporters if he had talked to his former teammate since James’ decision to leave the Heat, Bosh answered a succinct: “no.”

As to whether he was looking forward to seeing James on Saturday at the game in Rio de Janeiro, he replied with a lukewarm: “Yeah … I don’t know.”

“I’m in the mode where I’m trying to lead my team, help these guys out around here,” he said.

“If guys aren’t in this locker room I don’t have much time for them — if any.”

It looks like that bromance is over.