The Palins are not looking so political now, are they? Last month, near Anchorage, Alaska Sarah Palin and her family Todd – his kids – Willow, Track, and Bristol went over to a house party when all hell broke lose. It all started when a woman shoved big sister Bristol’s little sister, Willow. Hands were thrown.

It even came down to an entire crowd shouting, “F**k the Palins!” Yes, deep.

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Of course the police were called to the scene. Bristol tells the police that homeowner, Korey Klingenmeyer punched her, kicked her, drug her across the lawn and called her a cunt and a slut. Bristol may have been omitting some things since the crowd remembers differently. A witness states that she was the one laying on the punches. Klingenmeyer allowed it, until after the 5th or 6th punch. That’s when he took her fist and pushed her.

According to TMZ:

One witness says Todd got jumped by 4 people, and Track jumped in to help his father. He emerged from the scrum with a torn shirt and bloody mouth. Bristol says she was uninjured, though one cop described her as having “dirt on her knees.”

Want to hear the funny part? They are claiming Sarah wasn’t physically involved in the fight – she was sitting in the limo outside of the party. So, will her family was getting that a** tapped on, she was watching?!

Police are saying that EVERYONE at the party was drunk and they do not plan to press charges – not even on the Palins. Oh darn!