Sounds legit right? I mean what better reason to ask for parole from prison than to see possibly the world’s greatest athlete live in person! If it were only that simple. Jason Goudlock, an inmate in Ohio who has been locked up for quite a while already really wants to see Bron play and is trying to pull out all the stops in an effort to get released.


Goudlock was convicted when Lebron was only 8 years old for aggravated robbery and felonious assault. Obviously at that time the legend that is now Bron didn’t exist. Goudlock is not scheduled to be released until 2026 which of course would be long after Lebron is retired and relaxing on a beach somewhere.

So for his fifth attempt at parole, he is trying to use hometown pride and love for Lebron as a reason to be paroled.

In a letter to the parole board he says,

“I urge you to retire #248-561 because I have history to make.”

“On the lighter side, I would truly like to witness in person LeBron James’ pursuit of an NBA championship for my beloved hometown.”

Gotta give him credit for being creative and having the nerve to actually use that as a reason for his parole. He probably hopes Lebron will hear about it and get involved but that damn sure won’t be happening.

There is still a chance Goudlock could see Lebron win a title for Cleveland, but he will most likely be seeing it happening from a television in prison if he is lucky.